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Carers Week

12th-18th June, 2023

National Carers Week 2023 Partners

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Web | Tel 01 207 3800 | National Helpline 1 800 341 341

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is the leading dementia specific service provider in Ireland.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland works across the country in the heart of local communities providing dementia specific services and supports and advocating for the rights and needs of all people living with dementia and their carers.

Our vision is an Ireland where no one goes through dementia alone and where policies and services respond appropriately to the person with dementia and their carers, at the times they need support.

A national non-profit organisation, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is person centred, rights-based and grassroots led with the voice of the person with dementia and their carer at its core.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland also operates the Alzheimer National Helpline offering information and support to anyone affected by dementia at 1800 341 341.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Web | Tel 01 280 4164

About ABI Ireland

ABI Ireland is a dedicated provider of community-based neuro-rehabilitation services for people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) and their families. As a brain injury can affect a person’s ability to control their own life and live independently, ABI Ireland works to empower and rebuild lives. ABI Ireland also campaigns, educates and advocates for the rights and needs of this hidden group in society.

Family Support Services

ABI Ireland recognises that the family also lives with the acquired brain injury, not just the person directly affected. We recognise that family members need help, including access to respite services, in order to be able to support their family member.

The ABI Ireland Family Support Service is delivered by Social Workers, Psychologists, Trainers, and Family Support Workers on an individual or group basis and can take many forms:

Our mission

To enable people with neuro-rehabilitation needs to lead meaningful lives in the community by providing personalised quality rehabilitation and support

Care Alliance Ireland

Web | Tel 01 874 7776

Care Alliance Ireland

Care Alliance Ireland is the National Network of Voluntary Organisations supporting Family Carers.

Our vision is that the role of Family Carers is fully recognised and valued by society in Ireland.

We exist to enhance the quality of life for Family Carers.

There are approximately 500,000 Family Carers in the Republic of Ireland. Family Carer support is provided by a number of organisations, including those dedicated solely to carer support and others who support carers as part of their response to individuals with specific conditions. We work with our 95 member organisations and other agencies to support them in their work with Family Carers

What We Do

We faciliate an online Family Carer support group. Open to all family carers and using the private facebook group platform, this group has grown in reach and impact since its establishment in March 2020. You can join the group at:

With the support of Pobal and the Department of Social Protection, we coordinate 2 online projects namely Return Ready and Kaleidoscope.

The Return Ready project supports family carers to upskill/refresh their ICT (Information and communications technology) knowledge. The aim of the project is to enable participants to feel more confident and ready to return to paid employment. Further information about the course can be found here

With Kaleidoscope, participants attend a 12 week part-time course, with the aim of preparing them for paid employment. They have access to life coaches, a job brokerage service and mental health supports. Further information about Kaleidoscope can be found here

We work with organisations to provide better information and supports to Family Carers.

We provide them with opportunities to collaborate on initiatives including National Carers Week, a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary Family Carer Research Group, and joint policy submissions.

We act as a distribution channel for information on Family Carer issues. We actively encourage collaboration in all our projects.

We provide cohesion to those organisations working to support Family Carers. We commission relevant research that supports focussed and quality interventions in the lives of Family Carers.

By focussing on these discrete functions (research, policy, information, and collaborative ventures) we enable more of our member’s funds to go directly to coal face services.

Disability Federation of Ireland

Web | Tel 01 454 7978

Disability Federation of Ireland

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) works to ensure that Irish society is fully inclusive of people with disabilities and disabling conditions so that they can exercise fully their civil, social and human rights. In pursuit of this vision, DFI acts as an advocate for the voluntary disability sector, and supports organisations to further enable people with disabilities.

DFI is the national support mechanism for voluntary organisations in Ireland, covering all areas of disability and disabling conditions (hidden, intellectual, mental health, physical, sensory and emotional disability). DFI represented and supported over one hundred and fifty voluntary disability organisations and groups of which seventy-two comprise the National Council, and thirty-one of which are Associate Members.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland

Web | Tel 01 457 2329

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland (SBHI) is a national organisation supporting more than 2,000 people who know spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus to be a reality in their lives.

Around 40 babies are born with spina bifida each year in Ireland - which is one of the highest incidence rates in the developed world – and 1 in 1,000 live births are affected by Hydrocephalus.

SBHI supports hundreds of individuals and families across Ireland by delivering unique services which ensure that everybody affected receives the best support available to them. We achieve this through our team of Family Support Workers, a Youth and Respite Team, our Education Training work, and through our Resource Centre.

Together these professionally trained staff offer comprehensive support to everyone living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across Ireland.

CRC (Central Remedial Clinic)

Web | Tel 01 854 2200

CRC (Central Remedial Clinic)

The CRC provides services for over 4000 children and adults across 7 different sites in Ireland.

The CRC is committed to providing excellence and delivering services that matter and make a real difference in lives of people with disabilities. We are involved in many different ways in the lives of our clients through early medical and clinical assessment, to education and support.

Our adult services are passionate about inclusion and service user involvement and have an exceptional track record in training and education and support for adults of all ages.

We have two excellent schools that we are very proud of and have incredible parental support providing preschool, primary and post primary education.

Our specialist services strive to continue in their pursuit of excellence through continuing education and research and we work closely with many different agencies across the heath, social, voluntary and charity sector to this end.

Irish Cancer Society

Web | Tel 01 231 0500 (Dublin) | Tel 021 484 0597 (Cork)

National Cancer Helpline Freefone 1800 200 700 (Mon-Thurs 9-7, Friday 9-5)

National Smokers' Quitline 1850 201 203 | Fundraising1850 60 60 60

Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society is Ireland’s national cancer charity providing information, support and care to those with, and affected by, cancer all over Ireland. Our services are professional, confidential and free of charge. We are almost entirely funded through the generosity of the public and receive less than five per cent government funding.
The Irish Cancer Society is committed to providing much needed services to cancer patients and their families across the country, such as:

The Irish Hospice Foundation

Web | Tel 01 679 3188

The Irish Hospice Foundation strives for the best care at end of life for all. We are dedicated to building support for the hospice philosophy in all care settings, improving access to hospice services and working for the continuous development of high-quality care to include bereavement care and support. The philosophy of palliative care includes the provision of support systems to help family members and carers cope during a person’s illness and in their bereavement. 

As part of an ongoing strategy to support carers of people with life limiting disease, the IHF host webpages that are dedicated to providing family carers with relevant information, advice and resources as they support their loved one in what is for most a challenging and emotional journey. See: 

MS Ireland

Web | Tel 01 678 1600 | MS Information Line 1850 233 233

MS Ireland

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland’s mission is ‘to enable and empower people affected by MS to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.’ We operate services in every county in Ireland.

Our teams of Regional Community Workers throughout the country provide individual and family support to help people address the challenges that MS may bring to a person and their family. A number of programmes, workshops and activities are also organised for groups such as those newly diagnosed, carers, children of parents with MS and healthcare professionals. Programmes include physical therapies, symptom management and information/education seminars.

Local services also include 37 voluntary Branches around the country, which offer peer support, social opportunities and financial support.

MS Ireland also operates The MS Care Centre, Ireland’s only respite and therapy centre for people with MS. It offers short-time respite care, therapeutic services, neurological assessments and many social activities in a homely environment in the suburbs of Dublin.

MS Ireland also runs a confidential information Line, open from Monday to Friday 10am– 2pm; a website; and provides a range of booklets and information sheets. MS Ireland also supports research and advocates on behalf of people with MS and their families.

St. Michaels House

Web | Phone 01 884 0200

St. Michaels House

We are one of Ireland's largest provider's of community-based services for children and adults with an intellectual disability. Services provided include Clinical and Counselling Services, Early Services, Individualised supports, Educational Services, Vocational Services, Employment Services, Residential Services, Respite Services, Specialist Alzheimer’s Services for people with intellectual disability, Social, Sporting and Recreational Services.

Working in partnership with people with intellectual disabilities and their families, we are leaders in developing services which are guided by best practice and the belief that people with an intellectual disabilities are full and equal members of society.

We provide services for 1,936 people with an intellectual disability and their families in the Greater Dublin Area and Navan Co Meath.

Jack and Jill

Web | Phone 045 894 538 or 045 894 660

Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill is a nationwide charity providing in-home nursing care and respite support for children up to the age of 6 with severe to profound neurodevelopmental delay. This may include children with brain injury, genetic diagnosis, cerebral palsy, and undiagnosed conditions. Another key part of our service is end of life care for all children up to the age of 6, irrespective of diagnosis.

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation offer a child and family centred care service and believes that families should be supported to care for their children in their own homes. The Liaison Nurse Manager (LMN) in your area will make contact with you once a referral has been received. Our service offers the expert support of the LMN who will advise, help and advocate for your family as well as overseeing the in-home nursing service. The service to families is reviewed on a six-monthly basis.

Our role includes listening to parents and seeking solutions which can sometimes mean making representations to other health care professionals and the government. The aim of our service is to reduce some of the worries/difficulties that come when caring for a child with additional needs while also allowing families to take a break.

Rare Ireland Family Support Network

Web | Tel 089 422 0228

Rare Ireland Family Support Network

Rare Ireland is the only charity in Ireland supporting families living with rare conditions. We are a completely voluntary, parent run charity, currently representing almost 1700 rare families.

We aim to

  1. Ease the isolation of families during and after the diagnostic process.
  2. Provide a safe space for parents to receive support.
  3. Help to provide the practical and financial support they need to live life as a rare parent.
  4. Ease the financial burden, by providing subsidies towards Genetic Counselling appointments, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and any other services our children and young people need to reach their potential.

The support from these services allows parents to focus on their families needs. We strive to be the voices of rare families in Ireland by advocating on their behalf, taking part in projects in the hope that they will improve care pathways and address the unmet needs of people living with rare disease.

We Love to Talk

Follow us and keep in touch Address: c/o Care Alliance, Coleraine House, Coleraine Street, Dublin 7