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Carers Week

12th-18th June, 2023

News & Media

We have just launched our 17th  National Carers Week which will run from today, June 12th to Sunday June 18th. Please see our Press Release Below. Please click on the link below to view. We wish you all a very Happy Carers Week and hope that everyone will availa of some of the wonderful events that are taking place both online and face-to-face over the coming week.



/userfiles/file/Press Release June 12th 2023.pdf



With Carers Week just around the corner make sure that you have made space in your diary next week for the events that you might like to attend. There are a number of both face-to-face and online events to choose from ranging from yoga to quiz nights and singing to knitting. For more information please visit the Events section of the website. Enjoy Carers Week.






We gave away our first 20 Care Packs today for Carers Week 2023. Please keep an eye on our National Carers Week Facebook Page in the run up to and during Carers Week for some super giveaways.








A selection of Carers Week merchandise is now available for all to order. Click here 


/userfiles/file/Merchandise Order Template April 2023 - Member Orgs.docx



New Partner Announcement

Preparations are continuing on a weekly basis for Carers Week. With only two months to go now, we are keeping busy organising events and meeting with our Partners to discuss ideas for the week. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest Partner, Rare Ireland Family Support Network, who will be working with us for Carers Week this year. Rare Ireland is a parent led charity which was established in 2017 by Laura Egan and Louise O'Keefe who witnessed firsthand the lack of information and support available to them at the time of their children's diagnosis. Spotting the gaps in the system, the lack of support available to parents and witnessing the isolation associated with rare disease in Ireland, Laura and Louise decided to create a network for families to ease the isolation and raise awareness of the challenges rare families face. Rare Ireland support over seven thousand members through their Facebook and Instagram pages. We look forward to working with them and learning about all the supports they offer to their members.


Carers Week 2023 Update

This week Care Alliance, along with some of our partners and a number of wonderful volunteers, took part in a photoshoot for Carers Week 2023. We have some lovely new photos to share with you for the week and wish to thank everyone who came along to make this possible. The atmosphere on the day was really uplifting and made us all very excited for Carers Week 2023. Here's a sneak peek of some of the photos....



Partners Meeting

We held our first Partners Meeting last week for Carers Week 2023. It is great to see all the Partners coming together for what is going to be an eventful week. A huge welcome to our new representatives, it is great to have you all on the team for this year. There were lots of great ideas and discussions around the virtual table on the day and new incentives being discussed. We all look forward to bringing our Family Carers in Ireland a fantastic Carers Week this year.




Carers Week 2023

We are delighted to announce that carers week will be running again this year from June 12th to June 18th. We are holding our first planning meeting with our partners a little earlier this year to ensure that we deliver a great week, supporting family carers across the country who provide such amazing care and support to those they are caring for every day of the year. 



June 20th


As we reflect on 18th Carers Week, we want to thank EVERYONE who took part in any way. If you organised or attended an online or in person  event, if you shared anything on social media, if you shared a picture to support and highlihgt Ireland's 499,000 family carers - THANK YOU for helping to create a great week, and for #MakingCaringVisible

June 17th

As we are getting closer to the end of National Carers Week 2022, we run our last competition of the week. Overall, we sent over 500 prizes to family carers around the country, including Ukrainian family carers across Ireland. Well done to everyone who enter the competitions. 


Confidence is key in the return to work for family carers - The Kaleidoscope project, run by CAI has been a huge success, with over half of the participants engaging in paid employment. To view the press release click here 

June 14th

Former family carers invited to request booklet to support them post-caring. To view the press release click here

June 13th 

We launched the 16th National Carers Week today! To view the press release click here 

June 10th

Getting ready to send small gift packs to Ukrainian Family Carers across Ireland. If you are a Ukrainian individual (or know one) who is providing significant levels of unpaid care to a family member, please complete this google form to receive a complimentary pack.
Готуємося відправити невеликі подарункові пакети українським сімейним опікунам по всій Ірландії. Якщо ви українська фізична особа (або її знаєте), яка надає значний рівень неоплачуваної допомоги члену сім’ї, заповніть цю форму Google, щоб отримати безкоштовний пакет.

June 09th

If you'd like to learn a gentle hands-on technique to practice on those you care for, take a look at Ciunas Centre Wellness Workshop and contact them for more details. Ciunas Centre will be running an event during National Carer Week as well!

June 08th

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland  have some lovely virtual events that are taking place during Carers Week. These events are open to all family carers and are free of charge.

June 07th 

A HUGE Thank you to Lily O'Brien's Chocolates for donating us a very generous box of their scrumptious Honeycomb Crispy Hearts to share with you for Carers Week.


May 31st

With Carers Week only two weeks away now we thought that we would kickstart the celebrations by doing some giveaways on our Facebook page. We had ten lucky winners yesterday who will be receiving their gift in the post. Keep an eye on the National Carers Week Facebook page for more giveaways over the coming weeks.

May 23rd


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Jack and Jill, who have joined us for Carers Week 2022. Jack and Jill is a nationwide charity which provides in-home nursing care and respite support for children up to the age of 6 with severe to profund neurodevelopment delay. Jack and Jill are celebrating 25 years and we are delighted to have them on board with us for Carers Week.

May 16th

With only a few weeks to go now the planning for Carers Week is well underway. We are delighted that there will be both Face-to-face and Virtual events taking place this year which we hope will enable all of the Carers in our communities around Ireland to take part in the exciting events that will be taking place



Carers Week 2022, June 13th - 19th. We have kicked off Carers Week 2022 with our first planning meeting, looking forward to what is going to be a great week for all involved.








Carers Week 2021

June 7th

Watch a message from all of the Carers Week Partners for 2021! 


June 7th -  Carers Week 2021 is Live. For full listing of events goto

May 12th  2020 - Partners Planning Meeting

April 28th 2021 - New Carers Week Merchandise ordered.

April 12th 2021 - Partner Planning Meeting

February 6th 2021 - Date for this years week confirmed for June 13th-19th 2022

Carers Week

2020 News

June 17th 2020 - As we reflect on the first virtual Carers Week, we want to thank EVERYONE who took part in any way. If you organised or attended an online event, if you shared anything on social media, if you shared a picture to support and highlihgt Ireland's 390,000 family carers - THANK YOU for helping to create a great week, and for #MakingCaringVisible. 

June 12th 2020 - As we draw near the end of Carers week 2020, there are still some events scheduled - check out the events page for more details! 

June 11th 2020 - So many organisations are sharing resources, tips and hosting online events for the family carers they support this Carers Week. Check out the #CarersWeek and #MakingCaringVisible tags on Twitter to see what we mean! 

June 10th 2020 - Care Alliance Ireland launched the second edition of The Way Ahead for Former Family Carers as part of Carers Week 2020. This project is the result of collaboration between Care Alliance Ireland, former family carers, The Irish Hospice Foundation, Family Carers Ireland, and representatives of the HSE and academia. Find out more about the resource in the virtual launch video below.  


June 10th 2020 - Care Alliance Ireland spoke to Fiona O'Neill, from Jobs For Family Carers about her initiative to assist family carers find employment that works with the 18.5hr restriction for those in receipt of Carers Allowance. Watch the full conversation below! 


June 9th 2020 - We're encouraging everyone to post a selfie of themselves with a message to Ireland's 390,000 family carers this week to show support for #MakingCaringVisible. Want to take part? Get all the info you need below! 


June 9th 2020 - Do you feel you would like to bring a form of identification with you to access Carer specific services like carer/older peoples shopping hours? See the infographic below created for Carers Week to get more information on how to do that!

June 8th 2020 -   Lots of videos have been created to highlight Carers Week 2020 - check them out below!


June 8th 2020 -   Download your copy of the #MakingCaringVisible poster for your selfie here, along with a step-by-step guide here

June 8th 2020 -   View Press Release here

June 5th 2020 -   Date for Diaries issued to media.

June 4th 2020 - Further online events for Family Carers uploaded See

June 2nd 2020- Partners Planning Meeting

May 27th 2020 - Lets highlight MakingCaringVisible as we get ready for the 14th National Carers Week, June 8th-14th. Carers Week Goodie Bags including merchandise and chocolates for the first 10 images shared. Please print off this picture add in your own text and share your image on your social media platforms. We will also share images if you email them to

May 27th 2020 - #MakingCaringVisible Launched

May 25th 2020- Partners Planning Meeting

May 21st 2020 - Carers Week - Ezine Update published. Read here.

May 12th 2020 - Carers Week 2020 confirmed to take place virtually.

May 11th 2020 - Partners Planning Meeting

April 27th 2020 - Partners Planning Meeting

April 20th 2020 - Partners Planning Meeting

March 2nd 2020 - Partners Planning Meeting

February 6th 2020 - date for this years week confirmed -for June 8th-14th 2020

Carers Week


Below are photos that have been taken as part of the Carers Week 2019 celebrations and events from around the country.

If you have any photos of your Carers Week event, be sure to send them to

Launch of National Carers Week 2019

National Carers Week partners for launch of National Carers Week 2019

June 16th 2019 National Carers Week 2019 comes to a close! Thank you all for your support! We look forward to contiune supporting Ireland's Family Carers after this week!

June 12th 2019 Family Carer Online Virtual Coffee Morning! Take part here at

June 10th 2019 Launch of National Carers Week 2019! Check for event updates at

June 5th 2019 Final Carers Week 2019 Planning Meeting!

May 15th 2019 Soft Launch of National Carers Week 2019!

May 15th 2019 Third Carers Week 2019 Planning Meeting

April 16th 2019 Second Carers Week 2019 Planning Meeting

March 20th 2019 Carers Week Dates Confirmed - June 10th - 16th 2019

March 13th 2019 First Carers Week 2019 Planning Meeting

Carers Week


Below are photos that have been taken as part of the Carers Week 2018 celebrations and events from around the country.

If you have any photos of your Carers Week event, be sure to send them to

Liam O Sullivan, with Una Crawford O'Brien and Bryan Murray, Fair City, on a damp but cheerful morning for NCW 2018 Photoshoot.

Behind the scenes at the office of Care Alliance Ireland. Counting down to the launch of National Carers Week 2018!

National Carers Week 2018 photoshoot with stars from Fair City, Una Crawford O'Brien and Bryan Murray.

National Carers Week 2018 photoshoot.

June 11th 2018 Launch of Carers Week!

June 7th 2018 Details of more events coming in. See here

June 4th 2018 One week to go.

June 1st 2018 Want to attend the launch on Monday June 11th in Dublin? - Register here

May 29th 2018 Last Partner Teleconference

May 15th 2018 Partner Teleconference

May 1st 2018 Event Notification Template and Merchandise Order Form Available now here

April 24th 2018 2nd Partners Planning Meeting

Feb 2nd 2018 Carers Week Dates Confirmed - June 11th-17th 2018

Carers Week


Below are photos that have been taken as part of the Carers Week 2016 celebrations and events from around the country.

If you have any photos of your Carers Week event, be sure to send them to

Joanna Joyce and Judy Williams from the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, pictured at the launch of National Carers Week in Dublin

Judith Leeshue, Marian Mahon and Mary Conay from Family Carers Ireland pictured at the launch of National Carers Week in Dublin

Barry McConnon, Donal McKenna and Liam O'Sullivan of Care Alliance Ireland with Senator John Dolan pictured at the launch of National Carers Week in Dublin

Carers Week Ambassador, Nuala Carey, pictured at the launch of National Carers Week in Dublin

Carrs Week Ambassador Nuala Carey and poet, Monica Corish present the winner of the Childrens Art and Poetry Competition, Kate Enright from Limerick, with her prize at the launch of National Carers Week in Dublin

Family Carers recieved hand massages at the launch of Carers Week in Dublin, courtesy of Irish Red Cross volunteers.

Carers Week


Below are photos that have been sent in of Carers Week 2015 events from around the country.

If you have any photos of your Carers Week event, be sure to send them to

Below are pictures from the National Carers Week Launch in Dublin:

Nuala Carey predicting the forecast of National Carers Week

Nuala Carey and family carer Shirley Thornton holding the Carer Job Description

Art contest winner and her family with Senator Jillian van Turnhout

Art contest winner and her family with Senator Jillian van Turnhout

Meryl Lynch from Care Alliance Ireland, Nuala Carey from RTE, and Senator Jillian van Turnhout

The Irish Hospice Foundation and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland launch Dementia Fact Sheet

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, John Dunne the CEO of The Carers Association, and Bernadette Moran the Manager of Mayo Carers Association

Below are pictures from Clonmel Day out- family carers from Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and Carlow:

Family Carers at a Coffee Morning with mini pampering treatments and health checks in Wicklow

Carlow Care Cafe was up and running with some delicious treats with fellow family carers

Carers Week Health Fair in Sligo

Family carers from Louth and North Dublin at Newry and Mourne Carers barbeque

Family Carers from Wicklow and South Dublin on a visit to Festina Lente in Bray

Below are some pictures from The Carers Association "Carer of the Year" nominations:

2014 Carers of the Year Madeleine Morrissey and Young Carer Jamie Mooney ready for the week

Below are some pictures from the 2015 National Carers Week photoshoot:

Carers Week


Below are photos that have been sent in of Carers Week 2013 events from around the country.

If you have any photos of your Carers Week event, be sure to send them to

Duhallow Carers Group Coffee Morning in Cork

Headway and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Pamper Morning in Limerick

The Carers Association Kerry celelbrate Carers Week

Alzheimer Society of Ireland and The Carers Association Information Day for family carers in Mayo

Flower Arranging Caring for Carers Limerick

Caring for Carers Limerick

Below are some photos from a shoot we had with Nuala Carey and Family Carers in preparation for this year's National Carers Week.

The photographer lining up Nuala and Family Carers for the picture — at The Carmichael Centre,Dublin 7.

Lucy and the Umbrella - we managed to avoid the rain showers. Nuala said they would pass and they did! — atThe Carmichael Centre,Dublin 7.

Three of our wonderful child volunteers- smiling for the camera?

Press Release

Carers Week 2019 Press Release

For press or media enquiries regarding National Carers Week 2019, please email us at or phone us on 01 874 7776

Press Release – 11 June (12 pm embargo)

Ireland’s 360,000 Family Carers given opportunity to be recognised for their contribution to our society’s wellbeing.

Thousands of Family Carers are taking part in events across the country this week as part of Carers Week 2018 (June 11–17). Care Alliance Ireland, which is responsible for coordinating Carers Week, says that every person in Ireland has a chance this week to acknowledge the contribution of our 360,000 Family Carers.

“This week we should focus on doing something for those who contribute so much to Irish society. Whether you call in, make a meal, offer help and support, or simply give them a call to say ‘you are doing something really important’, there is a huge value in simply saying ‘thank you’” says Liam O’Sullivan of Care Alliance Ireland.

Speaking at the launch of the 12th National Carers Week, Dr. Sabina Brennan, award winning communicator and founder of said, "Caring for someone you love can be a rewarding experience. However it can also be stressful and can put you in a lonely place. To provide the best care for their loved ones, carers need to stay healthy and connected. To do that they need family and friends who can provide social and emotional support. While help with housework or care related tasks is often welcome there is another (and perhaps even more important) way to help. Just be there. Visit, have a chat with the caregiver and be a listening ear for them."

A new partner to the week in 2018 is the Central Remedial Clinic. Stephanie Manahan, CEO said; “The CRC is proud to partner with others in celebrating National Carers Week 2018. As one of the largest disability organisations in the county, we are indebted to the thousands of parents and other family members who care for their loved ones.”

Another new partner in the week in 2018 is Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland. Its CEO Tom Scott said; “Through our family support service across the country we seek to support not only people living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus but also their families, who are so often their primary caregivers. We are delighted to be on board as partners in Carers Week and look forward to this week becoming a bigger part of our work into the future.”



Notes to the Editor:

Family carers provide care and support to a person with a disability, chronic conditions, mental health concern and/or long-term illness, in the persons own home. National Carers Week, now in its twelfth year, is coordinated by Care Alliance Ireland in partnership with eleven other leading Irish charities who support Family Carers: the Alzheimer Society, Family Carers Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society, the Disability Federation, MS Ireland, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, the Irish Hospice Foundation, St. Michaels House and the Special Needs Parents Association. New partners in 2018 are the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) and Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland.

The national launch of Carers Week took place on Monday June 11 in The Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Organisations, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

For more figures and data on family carers in Ireland see here

Family Carers will be available for interviews throughout the week.

For further information, contact: Liam O’Sullivan 087 207 3265 or Zoe Hughes 086 883 4942, e-mail: or Kevin Deegan 085 852 9352


Carers Week Videos over the years

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